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Do not get disappointed if you have lost teeth due to any reasons. Get back your confident smile and chewing efficiency by dental implant treatment.

Oral Implantology is a surgical treatment. Dr Harjeet Yadav is a qualified and experienced Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon and a Master in Oral Implantology. He has a keen interest in Oral Implantology.

The best option is Dental Implants.

Dental Implants can replace such teeth and give you great aesthetics and functionality.

Unesthetic appearance, difficulty in chewing food, migration of heathy teeth leading to bite deterioration, digestive problems.

Bridge is a good treatment if you cannot afford Dental Implants or when Dental Implants are contraindicated in your case due to health-related issues. Bridge treatment involves cutting of your healthy adjacent teeth, but Dental Implants are fixed into the jaw bones just like natural teeth, without touching the adjacent healthy teeth.

Confident smile, great chewing efficiency, natural appearance.

Low bone density/volume (it can be corrected by using bone grafts, sinus lift and ridge split techniques), local pathological conditions like osteomyelitis, cyst, tumor etc. People with bruxism, heavy smoking, poor oral hygiene, uncontrolled diabetes, immunocompromised conditions, recent myocardial infarction, patients on blood thinners, pregnant women etc are absolutely or relatively contraindicated.

Not at all. The surgical procedure is done under local anaesthesia i.e., the area to be operated is completely numbed and postoperatively proper medicines are prescribed for a pain-free healing period.

Like natural teeth implants provide similar aesthetics and function to the patient.

The treatment planning is done by thorough clinical examination, X-Ray, OPG radiographs, and most importantly CBCT scan, which allows the Surgeon to evaluate bone density, bone quality, size of implant suitable for the site, any other surgical procedure necessary before implant placement, like bone grafting, ridge split, sinus lift etc.

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In certain situations, it is possible to place implants immediately after extraction of teeth. But if it is not possible, then delayed implant placement is done after a period of 3-4 months, after formation of new bone at the extraction site.

Implants are made of a noble biocompatible material called Titanium, which is an expensive metal. The high cost of implant treatment is due to import duty, expensive equipment, surgical kits, and implant prosthesis. Some patients may require other surgeries like sinus lift, bone grafting, ridge split, etc before placement of implants. Moreover, if a patient choses best quality crowns for their implants, it further adds to treatment costs.

The total cost of implant treatment includes: Implant cost (brand, number of implants), type of crown (prosthesis), consumables (suture material, Abgel, bone wax, bone grafts, PRF, other surgical procedures like sinus lift, ridge split etc, and surgical charges of the Surgeon).

The implant suggested by an experienced Surgeon.

No need to fear. It is a painless procedure.


It ranges from 3-6 months. Mostly the patients get new teeth in 3 months. The patients with slow healing, and those with bone grafts needs to wait a few more weeks.


You may require the number of implants depending on the number of missing teeth. But it doesn’t mean if your 5 teeth are missing you will require 5 implants. For example: If a patient has all premolars and all molars missing on one side, i.e., 5 missing teeth, he/she may require only 2 or 3 implants for proper function and aesthetics.

Missing teeth, badly decayed teeth, rotten roots, RCT failed teeth, unrestorable teeth, mobile teeth, failed bridge treatment, patient unhappy with removable dentures, patient seeking best treatment.

Oral implantology is a surgical field. It involves manipulation of soft and hard tissues of your jaws for implantation of a biocompatible material i.e., implant. The Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons are extensively trained to perform all types of surgical procedures involving oral cavity and face, ranging from wisdom tooth surgery, implants, cysts, tumors, facial fractures, cleft lip & palate, oral cancer, facial aesthetics, nose job, hair transplant etc. Oral implantology includes some advanced surgical procedures like bone grafting, jaw ridge splitting, sinus lifting etc, and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons are well trained in these surgeries.


Dental implants have a high success rate of 98.5%. A good quality implant, placed by an experienced Surgeon lasts for a life time.

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